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In conversation with Anastasia Woolmington

Ever since I can remember, I've been in love with our Earth! I've been dreaming of exploring spellbinding places, cities, cultures, and telling others about those beautiful locations upon my return. I have been fortunate to have travelled to over 50 countries (nearly every continent), and those experiences have only made my love for our Earth stronger.

But I have noticed that so many people have become disconnected from our planet. Our busy lifestyle and city life doesn't leave much time to think about our impact on the rest of the world; our hearts can't love and care for what we don't see. So for the past 25 years I have been using the power of visual storytelling to show the beauty of our planet and to raise awareness about the conservation of vulnerable species and our environment. Nearly a decade working for the United Nations Development Program, extensive research through my Master's degree studies, and travel have helped me realise that my mission was to remind humanity about an incredible world behind that office window, a world that we are responsible to care for.

Submitting images to international photography competitions has become a medium to reach for a greater audience, to be heard and seen. It is also a good way to find out where you stand as a professional photographer. It is not easy to submit your work to be judged and criticised, but it is important for growth. When photographers submit their work to reputable competitions, they can get good feedback on their level of talent and also areas that need improvement. Being a great photographer is an artistic talent that one can only be born with. But techniques and skills can be refined and learnt, and any professional should continue mastering their craft, to bring the best of their talents to their clients.


Since 2018 Fujifilm Global Ambassador

Since 2017 First Ambassador for Digidirect

Since 2016 NiSi Filters Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand Ambassador for NiSi Filters and Sirui Tripods



Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) - Landscape + Travel - Silver

International Wedding Photographer of the year - winners

15th Annual Black & White Spider Awards, Fashion/Professional - 2nd place

15th Annual Black & White Spider Awards, Fashion/Professional - Nominee

Belle Lumiere Magazine Awards - finalist

Viewbug Fall Award - winner

Viewbug Choice Award - winner

Viewbug Covid-19 Wedding Photos - winner


Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) - Wedding Couple Together: Wedding Day - Silver x 2

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) - Landscape - Silver

Magnolia Rouge Photo Awards - Black & White - Top 10


Epson International Pano Awards, Carolyn Mitchum Fine Art Prize, 1st Place

Epson International Pano Awards, Silver x 2

Epson International Pano Awards, Bronze x 5

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) - Illustrative Silver x 3

International Wedding Photographer of the Year - Dance Floor - Top 10

IPA (International Photography Awards), Wedding, 2nd place

IPA (International Photography Awards), Nature, Honourable Mention x 4

One Eyeland World's Top 10 Landscape - finalist

PDN Landscape and Nature in Black and White, 3rd place


Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) - Associateship Honours of Excellence - Yellow ribbon

WPPI Illustrative - Silver Award

Epson International Pano Awards - Silver (Landscape, Open)

12th Annual B&W Spider Awards – finalist - Nature category

One Eyeland Award - Best Landscape photographers in the world - Second place for Australia

AIPP - Silver Award

Viewbug Peer Choice Award

Viewbug Finalist Covers vol 41

Viewbug Featured Award

Viewbug Staff Favourite Award


WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) 2016 – Silver Award

11th Annual B&W Spider Awards – finalist nominee

Better Photography 2016 – Silver Award

Better Photography 2016 – Bronze Award x 12

IPA (International Photography Awards): Family of a Man: Love – Honorable Mention

IPA (International Photography Awards): Family of a Man: Marriage – Honorable Mention x 2

ND (Neutral Density) Awards – Fine Art: Landscape – Honorable Mention x 2

ND (Neutral Density) Awards – Nature: Landscape – Honorable Mention

ND (Neutral Density) Awards – People: Wedding/Family – Honorable Mention

Focus Awards x 8

Viewbug – Featured award x 6


AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) Accredited Professional Photographer

WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) 2015 – Silver Award x 2

WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) 2015 – Silver with distinction Award

Epson International Pano Awards 2015 – Bronze Award x 5

Focus 2015 Awards – Bronze Award x 5

Viewbug – Stuff winter selection award 2015

Viewbug – Contest finalist sunsets vs sunrises 2015

Viewbug – Stuff favourite award “I do” competition 2015

Viewbug – Brilliant award 2015



Snap Happy the Photography Show Season 4, Episode 4 for Channel 10



Vogue Australia

Vogue Brides Australia 2020, feature. Print

Vogue UK, Weddings Unveiled feature, November and December 2019. Print

Vogue Australia, 60 years of Vogue, December 2019, feature. Print

Vogue Italia

Australian Photography Magazine. "The gold list: 6 photography genres just as relevant today as ever"

Magnolia Rouge "Spring wedding inspiration: an ode to femininity and romance"

Magnolia Rouge "Golden hour wedding inspiration at Sydney Opera House"

Wedding Sparrow "How to plan a stylish micro wedding"

Wedding Sparrow "How to choose a wedding dress and not regret it"

Fujilove Magazine, December 2020. Article and cover (to be released 7th of December)

Fujilove Magazine, April 2019. Article and cover

Flamingo. Air Namibia. February 2019. Print

Better Photography Magazine, issue 92, 2018. Print

Bontena. Interview with Anastasia Woolmington, Fine Art Wedding and Landscape Photographer

Queensland Brides, Spring 2016. Print

Queensland Brides, Winter 2017. Print


Planeta de Agostini book "The best 100 photographs of nature worldwide", 2019. Print

Landscape Photography Fine Art Book (I), Nisi, 2019. Print

Black & White Spider Awards Winners Book, collection No.8

Black & White Spider Awards Winners Book, collection No.9

Black & White Spider Awards Winners Book, Vol 1. 2021 (to be released)


The Photografemme Summit, 2020

CameraPro Photography Festival, 2019

Being a Female Photographer, 2019


Artique 2021 Australian Calendars "Around Sydney"

Artique 2021 Australian Calendars "Australian Birds"

Artique 2021 Australian Calendars "Australian Rainforests"

Artique 2021 Australian Calendars "Australian Icons"

Artique 2020 Australian Calendars "Australian Capital Cities"

Artique 2020 Australian Calendars "Around Sydney"

Artique 2019 Australian Calendars "Australian Capital Cities"

Artique 2019 Australian Calendars "Around Sydney"

Artique 2019 Australian Calendars "Majestic Australia"

Artique 2019 Australian Calendars "Colours of Australia"

Artique 2018 Australian Calendars "Around Melbourne"

Artique 2018 Australian Calendars "Australian Capital Cities"

Artique 2018 Australian Calendars "Australian Icons"

Artique 2018 Australian Calendars "Around Sydney"

Artique 2018 Australian Calendars "Australian Birds"

Artique 2018 Australian Calendars "Queensland"

Artique 2016 Australian Calendars. “Around Sydney”, cover and 5 months

Artique 2016 Australian Calendars. “Queensland”, one month

Artique 2016 Australian Calendars. “Australian Capital Cities”, one month

Viewbug Behind the lens article 2016

Competition judge:

Proify International Photography awards 2017-2019

My advice - After working in the wedding industry for a decade I mostly come across two kinds of "award-winning" photographers that you should be aware of. The first is an individual only focused on taking an award-winning picture at your wedding. They might have an incredible portfolio, staged and digitally manipulated images, and often unrealistic to achieve at a real wedding. Or they would simply focus on taking a "shot" for the awards rather than being "present" to capture the entire day. Make sure to check full galleries of the wedding day. The second kind are photographers that call themselves “award-winning” without any proof of that on their website or social media. Sometimes they have a participation award from a local competition, or just one award received at some point, that is merely enough to call oneself an "award-winning photographer". So ask a couple of additional questions to find out more about your potential photographer’s accomplishments and honours of excellence.

Today, the international wedding industry is not regulated and it’s easy to become a photographer. Many cameras have an auto mode and virtually anyone can call themselves a photographer without any understanding of light, flattering posing, harmonious compositions, and refined editing. As a result, I come across images that are crooked, unflattering, , poor technique, orange skin filters, with light poles "growing out" of heads, etc. I think everyone deserves to have beautiful timeless wedding photos. Can a photographer with no awards be amazing and capture your wedding beautifully? Absolutely. But I find that photographers who are brave enough to submit their work for an open critique and then take that feedback as an opportunity to improve, turn out to be more caring about their clients and more passionate about the quality of their craft. Award-winning images are images that stand out in some way. And if you value originality and an artistic approach in wedding photography, you should consider working with an award-winning photographer who's style you appreciate.