About Us

Serenity Photography Studios is Anastasia (Ana) and Lawrence Woolmington.

We are husband and wife, best friends, lovers of life and adventure. We admire beauty of our planet and look forward to every opportunity to travel. We work together as a team, capturing authentic moments, beautiful light, and raw emotions. We are based in Brisbane, Australia and available to photograph weddings anywhere in the world. Our most frequent destinations include beautiful venues around Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Melbourne. We are always excited to travel to new destinations at no extra travel fee. 

Our Philosophy


Thank you for stopping by. My name is Ana. I am the founder and main photographer at Serenity Photography Studios.

My style is candid, full of personality and spontaneous emotions that bring pictures to life. I believe that all people are unique and beautiful and, as a photographer, I try to capture that special something that distinguishes a single person from everyone else. When I work with couples in love I get to know them. I want to learn their story and I often develop a friendship and rapport that makes working together very easy and helps people to relax, let their guard down, and show their true personality. I appreciate my client’s trust in my vision and ideas, but I am always open to create anything that people may be looking for. I always bring the best of me to the wedding day, great attitute, sense of humour, professionalism, knowledge and creativity. 

Hi there! This is me, Ana.

My ultimate goal is to create images that will stand test of time and become a beautiful family heirloom and a testimony of your beautiful wedding day. Photography is my life. I cannot just wait for the next opportunity to photograph. This is something that pulses in my blood. If you are after a professional who lives and breathes photography, who will go the extra mile to achieve the best possible results for you, who will experiment, explore, share their creative insight and go on an adventure with you, then you’ve come to the right place. I am known and loved by my clients for the unique style that I have developed over the years. I incorporate my experience and an eye for a stunning landscape to create vibrant, captivating, dramatic, but yet natural shots that would decorate your wall as a piece of fine art where you are the star. Feel free to check reviews, international awards and my landscape work.

My Favorite Things

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